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Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems Management is all about incremental COMPETITIVE POWER for the CEO/Company at the Strategic, Tactical and at the Deal Level. DIRECT POWER is created by Sales; Overall Market Power is created by Strategic Alliances with Ecosystems through LEVERAGE!

There are a million books on sales and strategy, yet none on actionable Strategic Alliances. Yes, none! Over and above, most of the strategic alliances literature are about the “What” instead of the “How“. Good to read, but won’t make money or create value for you or the customer. 

This website with training videos are all about the “How“. Our intent is to “Uber”ize or Democratize the principles of Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems Management with Sales, Biz Dev, Technology Pre-Sales, Marketing and Strategic Alliance professionals in Product/SaaS/GSI’s to execute effectively and flawlessly. Check out the training and if you have feedback, please let us know. Good Luck!


 Re-Define  Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems Management = POWER ; At the Strategic, Tactical & Deal Level.

Train & Reinforce Sales professionals to adopt Alliance/Ecosystems as a “POWER” GTM strategy to win more in the market.

Build Power Ecosystems for CEO’s, Sales VP’s & Alliances of Product, Consulting and System Integrators by creating leverage! 

Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems create Leverage, Power and Marketshare Competitiveness for the CEO. Check out out the 9 minute video (below)

Strategic Alliances = Power

Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems for the CEO

There is a "Shift" in the Industry and CEO's need to take notice. Customers are looking for "Agility" and want vendors to come together, offer solutions as a service and ...as an Ecosystem.

In the Digital Age, business is a "Zero Sum Game". If you are losing, someone else is winning. Winning more is all that matters - at the strategy level to the tactical level and down to the deal level.  It is not Strategy that matters, but the alignment and execution of the strategy at all the levels. Sometimes doing the "Right Things" are more important than "Doing Things Right". Thats why WINNING is all about creating POWER.

Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems is the only way of creating leverage. Leverage is Power! The video explains it.

Plan Forward

Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems for Sales VP's & Revenue Officers

Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems Management is an entirely new profession. The rule of the game is "Leverage" and require inter-dependent individualism and tactical "Power Plays". Build a plan that will focus on several elements:

  • Ecosystem Design Thinking
  • Engagement, Alignment and Biz Dev
  • People, Process & Technology Alliance Plans

Ask Questions: Where is the Leverage? Who will leverage you? How will you leverage others? How will you protect your revenue$ from your competition?

Large deals are an Ecosystem today. Sales Reps and Sales VP's need to build Strategic, Territory and Deal plans to create leverage and be in the customers ecosystem. The video below explains "select plans" that are left out in the GTM strategy, and albeit needs to be created!

What is your ecosystem leverage execution plan

Everyone says they have a plan, until they get squarely hit on their face

– Mike Tyson

The plans you need:

Product-Product Alliance partner  Plan

Multi – product & system integrator alliance/ecosystem plan

Large deal: ecosystem licensing plan

sales – alliance engagement plan

sales rep enablement & alignment plan

global system integrator sla delivery plan

org structure alignment plan

industry based ecosystem plan

The video below illustrates what Marketing teams and Marketing VP’s need to know to build an impactful strategy with Alliances & Ecosystems.

More Marketing, For Less $

Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems for VP of Marketing

A common challenge with Marketing is understanding the Strategic Alliance & Ecosystem profession, the partners business, interacting with the counterparts, but biggest of all – how do you show the “Impact”? The “Why” and “How” are fundamental pieces of the puzzle and needs a structure, which usually changes with the partners and the way they do business. Showing impact of Marketing teams can be hard until marketing professionals are trained on the subject.

Strategic Alliance Management demystifies the profession of Alliances & Ecosystems by providing a step by step structure to build, align and create a plan that results in impact  at the C Suite, at the VP Level, at the Sales rep and Alliance level. The key piece is “Alignment”, at the Strategic, Tactical and Deal aspects.

Take a look at the information packed video for details.

How Can We Help?

De-Mystify and “Uber”ize:

A. We democratize the Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems profession by enabling individual contributors. All training videos on this website are at a no-fee.

B. We focus on “tactical” execution, GTM, sales & business development and helping fight the everyday fight to win deals by leveraging ecosystems that create power.

C. We help you “fine-tune” your Strategic Alliances & Ecosystem Management “strategy-to-tactical execution-to-deal execution” alignment to build force and power in the market. 


Enterprise Selling Models:

Transition to Ecosystems Alliances in the Enterprise space is a tough job. The simple reason being – the end user, the buyer, the producer, the decision maker, the risk taker, the coach etc are all different. We de-mystify crossing the chasm!

POWER STRATEGY- second look

Partner value, alliance value, ecosystem value, deal modeling analysis and it’s alignment. What is your force, power and competitiveness?


Building the value prop that convinces Sales managers and reps to cooperate with alliances. Do you build positioning frameworks to create ecosystem influence?


Understanding how to work with multiple practices and multiple System Integrators is a science that few understand. We help you understand this “black box” better. Way, way better!


Have you built “assets”? Have you built TCO/ROI models that include total ecosystem costs? Or, Relationship mapping in the Ecosystem to build clarity in the deal? We help!

go tactical & operationalize

For VP’s of Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems

VP’s of Strategic Alliances need to transform their teams through a structured tactical approach that includes :

  • Engagement Plan
  • Alignment Plan
  • Partner Organizational Power Plan
  • Business Development – Deal Process Plan
  • Business Development – Structured Sales Engagement Plan
  • Ecosystem Asset Development Plan
  • Ecosystem Asset Implementation Process Plan.
  • SLA – Large Deal License Management Plan
  • Alliance Director Training Plan
  • Conflict Management Plan
  • Strategic Alliance Sales / Business Dev Plan.

The video (above) illustrates the newly re-defined Strategic Alliances & Ecosystems Management based on “Power”. The video also explains a structured planning approach  and the planning needed to build Ecosystems.

The video ( above) explains the structured planning process and specific plans that Strategic Alliances need to develop to create effectiveness to execute at the Strategic, Tactical and Deal level. The Video explains “Why”?

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