We are a group of professionals with exceptional Digital Transformation experience in the areas of : Core Strategy, Strategic Alliances, Ecosystems Management in Product/GSI’s, Technology Field Sales, Technology Product Management, Marketing, Management Consulting, Finance and Industry domain experience. Most professionals have an exceptional background in bootstrapping startups, C-Level communication, Culture and Change Management.

Most of our professionals are Ivy League alumni and currently hold top positions at their jobs/ventures. The most important thing is – we will get the job done efficiently, accurately and with passion.  We pursue impact, instead of get rich schemes. Since we focus on short-term engagements, we choose the quality of the projects, rather than the money. We prefer the challenge in the opportunity to create impact, instead of the money in the opportunity. We prefer the relationship to roll-up our sleeves and seeing results.

More information coming your way. But, the most important pieceWhat Is Our Approach To – Strategic Alliances and Ecosystems Management?

Our approach is the Anti-Consulting Approach. Read Below for more… it’s a different model!

WHAT??? Consulting, yet Anti-Consulting? Are you folks crazy? Why would I even consider you?

Yes, we are crazy passionate about this subject, so we are crazy in a good way. We are NOT against consulting. We want to reverse the way traditional consulting is done. Let’s explain. Ready?

Traditionally, advisory & consulting from the Big 4’s and even smaller consulting firms are focused at the C Level, simply because that’s where money power lies. Consulting firms transfer knowledge and strategy at the C-Level. Typically it is the “What” piece. Perhaps a little bit of the “How”, but never the “Tactical Execution” piece. The model works where it needs to, but it doesn’t work at the Strategic Alliance and Ecosystems Management level as value of an alliance is as good as it’s execution. If traditional consulting made a huge difference to Strategic Alliances, the Daimler-Chrysler wouldn’t be an example of a failed alliance and M&A. Well it was a $50 Billion mistake! The traditional approach of consulting can choose partners, but will never devise the execution plan to realize the value. But… we do!

Our approach is nearly opposite to traditional consulting ( thus the name Anti-Consulting ). We focus where the value is realized and impact is created; typically on the ground and at the deal execution level. For Strategic Alliances and Ecosystems Management, we focus how the “POWER” is created, executed, realized and repeated. 

Scroll down to check how we make it work.

We are all about Democratizing the principles and value of Strategic Alliances and Ecosystems Management at the Tactical + Deal level by understanding the Force and the Power in execution:

Since we flipped the consulting model with Strategic Alliances and Ecosystem power play’s, we offer the entire knowledge free of charge ( or if you want to donate to our non-profit, but it is entirely up to you ) and we have no intent to hide any form of knowledge with ourself.

We focus on the 4 (four) action points :

  • Alliance and Ecosystem ALIGNMENT and measure the POWER factor when building deals through Go To Market.
  • We create Ecosystem ENGAGEMENT models based on the sales/deal process of selling entire solutions.
  • We get into action by observing the BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT process
  • We ITERATE, tweak the deal PROCESS and REINFORCE the feedback loop.

 If you have watched Indiana Jones movies, the famous saying is “If you want to be a great archeologist, you gotta get out of the library”.

We go where action is! Thats how we work.  Scroll Down to the last section below so you know when you should reach out to us. ( The answer is – please don’t until you really need it.  Now that makes us sound really crazy, doesn’t it ? Yes, we are crazy, but we aren’t stupid )

We strongly advise you first go through the free-of-charge training videos before you reach out. 

Most of the time, 70%-80% of your answers will typically be right there in the training videos. I know this sounds totally crazy, but rest assured that the methods work.

But when you do, you should perhaps have specific asks like the below:

  • Can you take a RE-LOOK at our Strategic Alliance & Ecosystem Partnership strategy?
  • Can you TWEAK the Go-To-Market with a Global System Integrator?
  • Can you check the ALIGNMENT with the DEAL Process?
  • What will be the best way to understand HOW to build this ASSET?
  • Can you TRAIN us SPECIFIC to our PRODUCTS-GSI Ecosystem?
  • Can you work with sales reps to build a TERRITORY ALLIANCE PLAN?
  • Can you create a CUSTOMIZED TRAINING for Field Engagement with GSI’s.

 We believe impact on the business is best created when sales, business development and technology presales professionals are enabled on how to effectively work with alliances and their ecosystems at the deal, account and territory level. We love adventure and we love challenges. The greater the challenge, the more we want to help.

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