Specific “Persona” have very specific consulting/advisory needs:

C- Level: Power Selection, Market Competitiveness, Adoption, Incentives & Culture

VP – Strategy: Market Competitiveness, Ecosystem Competitiveness & Industry Alliance Positioning

VP – Sales/Pre Sales: Geo & Industry Sales Play – Alignment-Engagement-Biz Dev Ecosystem Plan

Regional Sales Managers: Territory Ecosystem and Sales Process Alignment Plan

Sales, Biz Dev & Presales: Customized Strategic Alliance Power Play with Ecosystem

The common thing that flows across everyone is a customized training on : Product-Product, Product-GSI, GSI-GSI, and Multi-Product-Multi-GSI Training on Alignment, Engagement & Biz dev models. This helps build the entire execution strategy through collaboration as Strategic Alliances and specifically Ecosystems can be complex.

We strongly suggest short-term, specific and fine tuning advisory & consulting.

1. TRAINING FOR C & VP LEVEL: ( CEO, COO + VP Sales, VP Strategy, VP Marketing and VP of Alliances /Channels /Partnerships )

  • How Product-GSI Ecosystems work 
  • GSI leverage in Land, Expand & Scale Cycles 
  • WHO and WHAT creates LEVERAGE.
  • Developing a POWER Strategy Ecosystem
  • Defeating COMPETITION with Alliances and Ecosystems Management.
  • POWER Feedback loop, Culture and Investing – Return on Ecosystem Leverage.

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2. DIRECTORS : Sales, Presales, Alliances, Strategy and Marketing

You either have a Territory to close deals, or support the territory with specific partnerships.

This engagement has 3 (three) parts:

1. Mapping : a generic ecosystem and Mapping Power cycles.

2. Persona alignment: With Customer, with a Global System Integrator and with your products/services.

3.  Account Engagement : Ecosystem Positioning and complexity. Building the correct plans like GSI alignment plan, GSI practices plan. Go to market plan. 

3. REGIONAL DIRECTORS : Sales & Alliances/Channels : Territory: Go To Market

The biggest challenge is creating a consistent Go-To-Market for the territory with the Ecosystem and Alliances plan built in. It does take a little bit of tribal knowledge, but there is a need to align and engage with partners, alliances and channels based on their strengths.

The engagement has 3 (three) parts:

1. Ecosystem Deal Planning and Execution Process : This is about building the steps and the critical pieces needed to construct the deal.

2. Mapping the Ecosystem sale into two parts. First the overall project. Second, aligning the partner ecosystem to the deal cycle. 

3. Strength, Power and Leverage understanding of “Deal Cycles” and measuring it with the Ecosystem deal cycle. Triangulating this information is key to building the larger Go-To-Market. 

There is an additional training piece on “Design-Thinking” – How to build the right Technology Platform architecture, Processes, Costs, as-a – service models and Capex-Opex analysis. This will be key when it comes to Enterprise selling.

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4. FOR SALES, BIZ DEV, PRESALES & ALLIANCE/PARTNER REPS: (Individual Contributors only)

Most individual contributors interact with the ecosystems day in-day out without having a very clear strategy what to do with it. Usually it goes two ways. It’s either too cautious or be totally reliant on it. Both ways are incorrect.

There are three parts to the engagement:

1. The Total Project Cycle and Ecosystem alignment.

2. Business Case, Economic Buyer & User and Relationship map vs Partner Ecosystem positioning to create leverage.

3. Ecosystem Deal Analysis with Partners/Ecosystem players. Building Repeatable Power in the deal cycles.

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